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2nd Stage@PrimeStage

2nd Stage@Prime Stage engages audiences in exciting and immersive new ways. Play readings support our Main Stage productions by reinforcing themes and opening a dialogue with audiences. The Series also provides hands-on theatre coaching, strengthening our artistic community and opportunities for audience members to experience the artistic process from the other side of the stage.

Experience the artistic process from the other side of the stage!

Staged Reading of Three Days of Rain
by Richard Greenberg

Directed by Vince Ventura

November 20th @ 7pm @ the Prime Stage Studio
Tickets $15 online, $20 at the door

Picking up on the themes of To Kill a Mockingbird, Three Days of Rain explores memory, family, and legacy. Told through an intergenerational story, where three adult children of two successful architects piece together their family histories through their personal memories and impressions, as well as a journal belonging to their father. The characters learn to discover their parents, not as monsters or saints, but as human beings.


A year after he disappeared on the day of his father's funeral, Walker Janeway returns to New York. He takes up temporary residence in the unused space where thirty-five years earlier, his father, Ned, and Ned's late partner, Theo, both architects, lived and designed the great house that would make them famous. Sleepless and emotionally jangled, Walker scours the old empty space for clues, evidence or keys to the tortured family history. Discovering his father's journal hidden under the bed, he finds it as unforthcoming as his nearly silent father had been. Walker is joined by his sister, Nan, and their friend from childhood, Pip, Theo's son, to hear the reading of Ned's will. It is there that Walker forces the confrontation that the others need. After an evening of harrowing and sometimes comically inadvertent revelations, Walker disappears once more. This time he returns later that evening with a surprising, but to him, definitive solution to the family puzzle. We travel back to 1960, when Ned's journal begins. We meet the parents at the same age their children are in Act One: Ned, who seems very different from the cold monster the children conjured; the charismatic and putative genius, Theo; and Lena, Walker and Nan's mother, the delightful, troubled "Southern woman who admits to thirty." In the guise of a love story, we are offered all the information needed to devise an alternative reading of the sad, unexpectedly romantic family story.





2nd Stage Program Director

Vince Ventura, a Pittsburgh native, completed his Bachelor of Arts in Musical Theater at Point Park University. Currently, Vince is the Program Director for 2nd Stage@Prime Stage, as well as serving as Founding Artistic Director of 12 Peers Theater. Vince has directed for 12 Peers Theater, South Park Theatre, The Pittsburgh New Works Festival, The Theatre Festival in Black and White, and StoRox High School. As an actor, Vince has performed with 12 Peers Theater, The City Theatre Company, The REP, The Jewish Theater of Pittsburgh, Unseam'd Shakespeare Co., The Pittsburgh CLO, Pittsburgh Playwrights Theatre Co., Prime Stage Theatre, Open Stage Theater, and The Pittsburgh New Works Festival.

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