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2nd Stage@PrimeStage

2nd Stage@Prime Stage engages audiences in exciting and immersive new ways. Play readings support our Main Stage productions by reinforcing themes and opening a dialogue with audiences. The Series also provides hands-on theatre coaching, strengthening our artistic community and opportunities for audience members to experience the artistic process from the other side of the stage.

2nd Stage Program Director
Vince Ventura, a Pittsburgh native, completed his Bachelor of Arts in Musical Theater at Point Park University. Currently, Vince is the Program Director for 2nd Stage@Prime Stage, as well as serving as Founding Artistic Director of 12 Peers Theater. Vince has directed for 12 Peers Theater, South Park Theatre, The Pittsburgh New Works Festival, The Theatre Festival in Black and White, and StoRox High School. As an actor, Vince has performed with 12 Peers Theater, The City Theatre Company, The REP, The Jewish Theater of Pittsburgh, Unseam'd Shakespeare Co., The Pittsburgh CLO, Pittsburgh Playwrights Theatre Co., Prime Stage Theatre, Open Stage Theater, and The Pittsburgh New Works Festival.



2015–2016 EVENTS

Abigail/1702- Staged reading and chat session

By Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa
November 16, 2015

It is ten years after the harrowing events of the Salem witch trials. Abigail Williams—the lead accuser who sent twenty people to their doom—lives under an assumed name on the outskirts of Boston, quietly striving to atone for her sins. When a handsome stranger arrives claiming to be a sailor in need, Abigail takes him in. Love starts to grow—an unlikely flower cracking through salty earth. But their contentment is short-lived. Someone is coming for Abigail; someone who has been looking for her since she danced in the weird woods of Salem. A debt will be paid—but first, Abigail must make peace with the woman she most wronged.

Audition Preparation Workshop

February 1, 2016

Prepare for your next audition with monologue coaching with 2nd Stage@Prime Stage Program Director Vince Ventura. Vince gives one-on-one attention to each participant to help prepare you for a professional audition. Participants learn about audition best practices, resume format and presentation, and receive coaching on a prepared monologue.

Dialects Workshop

February 29, 2016

Expand your skills with dialect coaching from Prime Stage’s Dialect Coach and 2nd Stage@Prime Stage Program Director Vince Ventura. Participants will be introduced to the fundamentals of dialect work and preparation. Vince also presents the basics of Received Pronunciation (High British), Cockney, and American Southern.




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