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Turn of the Screw

Nov 2 - Nov 10, 2013
The New Hazlett Theatre Center for Performing Arts

Performances are typically 2 hours long.

Showtimes: Friday & Saturday @ 8:00 PM
Sunday @ 2:30 PM


“A total theatrical experience, a challenge for the imagination.”

Turn of the Screw

Turn of the Screw

Adapted by Jeffery Hatcher, from the novella by Henry James
Directed by Joe Warik






The most intriguing aspect of the work that is still being debated after more than 100 years:  are the ghosts real or are they figments of the Governess' fevered imagination?  The novella "The Turn of the Screw" has been adapted for the stage and film many times.  The most famous being a movie titled "The Innocents" starring Deborah Kerr with a screenplay by Truman Capote. His version was based on the Broadway production of the same name.  There are two BBC TV versions, one with Lynn Redgrave, and there's also Benjamin Britten's opera.  Last and quite easily least is a questionable film prequel called "The Nightcomers" with Marlon Brando playing Peter Quint. 

James begins with a tale being told by a man at a Christmas party, but he quickly turns the narrative over to the Governess as she writes in a diary-like format.  The story unfolds completely from her point of view.  The novella was published in serial form and James never got back to his original intent by having the man at the Christmas party finish the tale, thereby possibly giving us an answer.  He lets the Governess have the last word, leaving us wondering if what she has written is true.  Jeffrey Hatcher remains faithful to this ambiguity.  Using flesh and blood actors on the stage to portray the ghosts of Peter Quint and Miss Jessel could easily lead the audience to conclude that their spirits are real.  Hatcher gives the story back to the Governess and leaves the puzzle unsolved, as I believe James intended. He nevertheless has given us a shocking horror story.  Do the tragic events occur as a result of the Governess' tortured emotional state or did the supernatural indeed have a hand in it?  What do you think?